Taco Bell Unleashing Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos This Thursday

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(Photo by Joe Raedle//Getty Images)

(Photo by Joe Raedle//Getty Images)

Does the idea of a Cool Ranch Doritos taco make you run for the border? Well, good.

Let the rest of us enjoy the ranch-y, salty, meaty-ish flavor of one of these crunchy little wonders of the world–the hard-shelled Taco Bell taco in a beautiful marriage with Doritos. ‘Till death do they part.

The Ranch flavor will be available this Thursday, March 7th and is the sequel to the chains infamous Nacho Cheese flavor of which they sold 350 million.

More of a lover of the Flaming Hot genre of snacks? Next up on the agenda is the “Flamas” flavor, although that will only be sold where there is a higher concentration of the Hispanic population,

Personally, we’d like a taquito made with a Taco Shell and stuffed with Flaming Hot Cheetos-dusted meat.

After that, we’ll probably need our stomach lining restored, but who needs a stomach lining?

Everyone knows that the future of food is in vitamin-laced energy drinks and Everlasting Gobstoppers.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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