Old People Steal Multi-Million Dollar Yacht, YOLO It Up With Beer & Pizza

Usually when we hear stories about hoodlums stealing luxury items to have a beer and pizza party, it’s 16-year-old skater kids or college co-eds willing to do anything for a slot at their favorite Greek.

But this time around it was a bunch of senior citizens in the Sausalito, California marina getting crunk.

Ex punk rockers maybe? Totally awesome idea for a viral video clip? Nope. Just a pirate ménage à trois drunk on “pale ale” en route to Mexico on a highly-illegal pleasure cruise.

After being turned around to the beach, the threesome was arrested for suspicion of conspiracy and grand theft.

Sure, stealing is bad, but c’mon, don’t these three give you hope for the “golden years” of your life?

Which is worse? Having an awesome story to tell your grandkids or never seeing your grandkids because the whole entire town you live in smells like old people?

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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