$1 Million In Marijuana Found Near Vandenberg Air Force Base

Remember back in the ’80s and early ’90s when lackadaisical beach combing for random coins and missing jewelry and Grandma’s teeth was all the rage?

Now imagine if you found a million dollars worth of marijuana. Would you keep it, smoke it, sell it, or give it back to the government?

Hypothetical fantasies aside,  you’d probably have to go with option four, unless you’d like to trade sex for cookies, if you found the green near a military base–which is exactly what happened Thursday, March 8th on the beach near Vandenberg Air Force Base.

A capsized boat was retrieved by Homeland Security and within the boat was enough weed to fuel a small-scale Snoop Dogg tour.

No word on whether the drug mule clumsily captaining the boat was found, although local residents say some strange guy is wandering the streets asking people, “Dude, where’s my boat?”


–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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