Illinois Could Be First State To Ban Lion Meat. Wait. Lion Meat Is Legal?!

Just can’t wait to be king? Neither can the King Of The Jungle but apparently some weird subset of people are nomming down on these majestic animals in spicy chipotle hamburger form or as a caramelized pear and smoked lion sausage with an organic microbrew. Poor Simba.

Yes, folks. You learn something new everyday: it’s legal to eat lion meat.

But Illinois is working hard to make it illegal. Rep. Luis Arroyo has proposed the Lion Meat Act which would ban the commercialization of lion meat and make it a Class A misdemeanor.

Now you might be saying, “Wait? Who actually eats lion meat anyway? Why do we have to make it illegal?”

Well, according to the Sun Times via the Chicagoist Arroyo is “aware of at least two places in the state where he believes the meat is sold,” although he wouldn’t state where those places are.

Horse meat in Ikea meatballs? Lion meat…what’s next? Human brains? Oh, wait. The zombie conspiracy theorists are already taking care of that one.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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