Man Cave Daily Presents: The Ace Of ‘Ace Of Spades’ – Five Weird Covers Of The Motorhead Classic

Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” is one of the grittiest, most balls-out drinking songs in the history of music. It sounds the way dive bar bourbon tastes at 1 AM. Motörhead’s lead singer, Lemmy Kilmister (which sounds eerily close to a terrifying youth screaming “LET ME KILL, MASTER!) snarls his way through the lyrics with so much char on his vocal chords that the only reason his voice is palatable is that it’s buried under distorted, rapid-fire guitar riffs. The whole thing sounds as if the phrase “Screw off, and get me another” was turned into music. In fact, it’s so awesome that leading scientists recently called Ace of Spades the best song ever recorded.

If you haven’t heard it before, go here. Actually, you know what? If you have heard it before, go here. Then go get a back-alley tattoo of Satan smoking a cigar, because that’s the kind of awesome, wackadoo nonsense this song inspires.

Wanna see “Ace Of Spades” as a piano ballad? How about a bluegrass rendition? Great: click here to go to Man Cave Daily.


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