Top 10 Mellow Rock Songs Perfect For Your Day After St. Patrick’s Day Hangover

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Photo by Francious Marit//Getty Images

Photo by Francious Marit//Getty Images

Writing a list of party songs is easy; with enough booze and fun-time-friends, partying is easy to just about any soundtrack.

What’s not easy? Rockin’ out while your liver is on fire, your head feels like tiny penguins are pecking away at your brain, it feels like wet dog has crawled in your mouth and had puppies, and every smell makes you wanna vom.

Every party has an after-party and after that, well, there’s the mind-melting mess the next morning that can only be healed with our sweet, sweet list of mellow rock songs for the hangover and a promise of a new tomorrow.

“Comfortably Numb”-Pink Floyd: Let’s hope you wake up “Comfortably Numb” rather than uncomfortably shivering uncontrollably from delirium tremens.

“Alive”-Pearl Jam: Don’t do anything stupid. Better wake up “Alive.”

“Rough Boy”-ZZ Top: We know you like it “rough,” boy, but when you wake up with bruises all over your body from that hot leprechaun you met last night, don’t come running to us.

“Closer”-Kings of Leon: Are you “Closer” to feeling like a functioning human being again? Maybe after listening to this song.

“Dreams”-Fleetwood Mac: If waking up isn’t an option, just let yourself float peacefully into your “Dreams.”

“Hotel California”-The Eagles: But if that dreamlike state turns into a flashback trance due to past party favors, you might wanna check in the “Hotel California.”

“Hysteria”-Def Leppard: They might diagnose you with a classic case of post-partying “Hysteria.”

“Black Magic Woman”-Santana: Or blame your state on that aforementioned “Black Magic Woman.”

“Wishing”-A Flock of Seagulls: Either way, if you didn’t treat St. Patrick’s Day like an amateur, you might be “Wishing” for a different liver tomorrow.

“Wheel In The Sky”-Journey: But even, after all that, the “Wheel In The Sky” keeps on turning and eventually it will turn back to flat-on-your-face drunk.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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