Is Heavy Metal Dangerous? Museum Officials Think So

Is heavy metal so dangerous that it can literally destroy a building? That’s what officials at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London think. In what sounds like an epic experience, Napalm Death was scheduled to perform at the world famous museum on Friday, playing through a sculptural sound system that would literally disintegrate as the concert went on, according to Reuters.

But officials became worried that the ceramic sound system wouldn’t be the only thing that would come crumbling down. They were concerned the loud music would also damage the 104 year old building. After conducting a safety inspection, museum officials decided that decibel level would be too much for the old building to withstand, and promptly cancelled the concert.

And although it’s a bummer that Napalm Death won’t be performing, it is pretty awesome that people literally fear their music. HEAVY METAL RULES!!!

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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