Most Dangerous Driving Distraction? Kids!

Breeders beware. Double-fisting Flaming Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew Code Red is a deliciously dangerous way to die on the road and texting is obviously a huge distraction, but those aren’t the most distracting road trip evils.

The worst and most insidious distraction? Your kids.

In a recent Australian report via ABC World News, Australian research indicated that while your cell phone jibberjabbering isn’t doing you any favors, your kids are 12 times more distracting while babies are 8 times more distracting to drivers than just regular old adult-sized people.

Some of the little brats are backseat drivers, asking their parents to go faster. Some just scream really loud which “can throw you off sometimes” said another parent.

Solution? Take those cheetos and that sugary soda, toss it at your child like a junk food grenade, put on some backseat Spongebob and pray.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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