Easter Treats for the Discerning Lunatic

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Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

Easter, the celebration of rebirth and renewal. Whether you’re remembering a fallen martyr, worshipping a giant bunny, or sacrificing an animal to your bloodthirsty deity, chances are at some point you’ll end up cramming sweets into your face until you’re dizzy and sick, because that’s how we celebrate literally everything.

Man Cave Daily certainly isn’t knocking this approach. Only a few generations ago people would celebrate Easter by rolling a hardboiled egg down a hill, which, as far as we’re concerned, is the biggest, most depressing argument against time travel ever devised. We’ll take the damoclean shadow of type two diabetes over wholesome family fun any day of the week.

Our only problem with Easter treats is that they’re too gosh darn predictable. Eggs? Bunnies? Are we so pedestrian? Come now, internet, don’t be so bashful– show us where the really stupid Easter treats are hiding…

Chocolate Zombie Bunny!

Perhaps you’ve taken the springtime resurrection metaphors a little too literally, perhaps because your ability to appreciate subtlety was burned away by a million Facebook image macros. If that’s the case, then this Chocolate Zombie Bunny is for you! Unlike most Easter treats, this sugary monstrosity seamlessly blends the eternal messages of chocolate, bunnies and semi-ironic appreciation of played-out memes.


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