Munchies Don’t Make Stoners Fat

Stereotypes and our very personal studies be damned; a study published in the Diabetes Care Journal says that smoking weed doesn’t make stoners eat more or get fat.

Nope. It’s just your piss-poor willpower that made you construct that epic flaming hot Cheetos nacho cheese pizza last night.

Entitled “Metabolic Effects of Chronic Cannabis Smoking,” according to LA Weekly the study proved with their test group of 30 people who smoked 10 joints a day that stoners do not have a higher caloric intake. They just eat more carbs and maybe have more abdominal fat, but their overall fat percentage wasn’t any different than non-stoners.

The moral to this story/random internet study: Everything is all your fault. Don’t want to gain weight from marijuana munchies? Don’t eat junk food. The end.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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