Jenna Jameson Drilled A Girl With Her Brass Knuckles

Remember a few days ago when Jenna Jameson got in trouble for placing someone under citizen’s arrest? It was seemingly an innocent gesture, but she was actually the one who ended up getting arrested, so we knew there was more to the story.

Well, it seems like the birthday girl came into the Newport Beach salon where her assistant Britney Markham was getting her hair did and she punched the girl in the back and stomach with her brass knuckle phone case. While hitting her, she was allegedly screaming, “I’ll f**king kill you.” Markham was hospitalized with minor injuries.

Rumors are the Markham stole something from Jameson and although her Twitter bio still says she’s Jenna Jameson’s assistant, the girl filed a restraining order on her boss.

Weirdly, TMZ via LAist says that brass knuckles are an illegal weapon in the state of California–unless they are attached to a cell phone. Then they’re just an accessory. How is that even true?

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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