SoCal Researcher Comes Up With Cure For Drunken Stupidity

What kind of drunk are you? The aggro one? The sad one? The sleeps with everyone one? The stupid one? If you said no to the last one, don’t lie to yourself. Everyone after a few too many drinks is the stupid one.

But a local professor and her research partner claim to have found the cure to drunken stupidity. Nope, it’s not a burrito stuffed with french fries although that helps. It’s aerobic exercise.

Yep. Running, dancing, elliptical, sex; all those things decrease the decline in neurocognitive functioning.

According to the LA Weekly,  UC San Diego’s Susan F. Tapert and Colorado grad student Hollis C. Karoly have found that exercise keeps you from getting dumb or aging quickly when you drink.

Karoly says that “this suggests that individuals who have experienced alcohol-related brain problems could possibly use exercise to help recover those effects; studying people over time will tell us if this is in fact the case.”

Either way, exercising can’t hurt. And if we can feasibly go for run with beer in our Camelback that just makes this little old thing called life infinitely better.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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