Watch This Guy Ride A 14.5ft Bike Through Los Angeles

Marvel at the genius of others while you read trite celebrity gossip and nurse your Venti half-caf sugar free extra whip caramel frappucino at your desk. Maybe one day you will be as awesome as Richie Trimble, but today the badass local bike rider/creator takes top marks for being rad.

The dude built a 14.5ft bike he dubbed STOOPIDTALL from a Huffy beach cruiser, 2″ square tubing, 3/4″ round tubing, 1″ round tubing, 26″ single speed coaster brake wheelset, and 6 1/2 single speed bicycle chains. Then he rode said said giant bike through the streets of Los Angeles et al for CIVICLA with a camera strapped to his chest.

Watching his ride is so exhilarating, we are prepared to ignore the electric blue leopard print pants he was wearing. Especially when he ducks his head under an overpass. See if you don’t simultaneously duck your own head.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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