Senior Citizen Iron Maiden Fans Charged With “Noise Revenge”

Two anonymous senior citizens in the infamously peace-loving city of Stockholm, Sweden are facing charges of harassment thanks to their late night blasting of Iron Maiden‘s tune “Afraid To Shoot Strangers.”

The wife, 71, and husband, 81, might have been afraid to “shoot strangers” but they weren’t afraid of disturbing the peace with repeated playing of the song just because the “whistling noise” of their neighbor was keeping them up at night.

“We wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine,” said the wife to Swedish police.

The neighbor coped with the sound throughout the winter but finally cracked. When police came to investigate why the Iron Maiden assaulted neighbor was so “broken down” they found two music systems pointed toward the offending house.

No word from Maiden on the ordeal, but we’d hedge bets that the band would be more interested in giving the neighbor a Piece of Mind rather than peace of mind.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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