Seis De Mayo: Top 10 Ways To Get Over Your Cinco De Mayo Hangover

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Photo by Peter Macdiarmiud//Getty Images

Photo by Peter Macdiarmiud//Getty Images

As long as you are drinking in relative moderation, drinking can be a fun way to loosen up and bond with your fellow man. Unfortunately, sometimes this liquid bonding can lead to excess–which leads to much less fun the next day.

Beyond the annoyingly obvious statement of “just don’t drink,” finding the right hangover cure for you can be an adventure down a thrilling path of false folklore and general balderdash.

In an effort to help ease your post-Cinco De Mayo pain, we’ve collected Ten Hangover Remedies ranging from the personal and disputable to scientifically proven acts of common sense.

10. A Breakfast Burrito & A Regular Coke

Every time we are massively hungover, our first cravings are always for a breakfast burrito and one sparkling, sugary can of regular Coca-Cola. While we thought this was just a fluke on our part, after further research (i.e. years of drinking with other people) we learned that this is not an uncommon combination for hangover alleviation.

It’s sort of like that greasy spoon diner breakfast that allegedly soaks up the alcohol–compacted into a handheld modern gastronomy miracle. Even though caffeine is dehydrating, the carbonation of the soda helps alleviate queasiness while the sugar and caffeine give a false sense of energy.

Enough energy to chug a gallon of water, which is probably the actual cure.

9.  Sleep

While we may not feel like this at times of duress, the human body is miraculous instrument usually capable of accomplishing extreme feats of self-healing. Sleeping off your hangover is one way your body shows those seven jello shots and four beers who is boss.

When you drink, you are less likely to get a good night’s sleep. On top of the dehydration, a big part of a hangover is mere exhaustion. If you have the luxury of sleeping in, do it.

Maybe you’ll sleep twenty consecutive hours, but you’ll wake up feeling almost back to normal with little intervention on your part.

8. Water Therapy

If we could eat our breakfast burrito while doing our post-boozing water therapy session, we would.

In simple terms, water therapy is alternating hot and freezing cold water over the body. The result is comforting, detoxifying, and has been proven throughout the ages as an effective way to manage hangover symptoms.

7. Morning Sex

Or, well, light exercise works too.

If you can handle it, sweating out the toxins of the night before and releasing some fortifying adrenalin can be exactly what you need to set your body straight. Some scientists say that sex works better because on top of helping you “sweat it out,” it releases a flood of dopamine over your brain that mimics your feelings of intoxication and makes you feel good.

6. Coffee & Aspirin

People are incredibly divided over whether or not drinking coffee or taking aspirin can help a hangover. For us, personally, it sort of works as long as we are chugging tons of water to offset any dehydration–which is the main argument over why the age-old coffee and aspirin combo doesn’t work.

However, the Telegraph UK recently put out a study that says coffee and aspirin is the best hangover cure all. Here’s what scientists discovered:

They found the caffeine in coffee and the anti-inflammatory ingredients of aspirin and other painkillers reacted against the chemical compounds of ethanol, or pure alcohol.

We guess it just depends on what works for you.

5. Reflexology

If you have a partner-in-drinking-crime and aren’t afraid of getting a little hands-on, reflexology is one way to work through your hangover blues–it might even build up a little liver detoxifying sweat.

The key to hangover reflexology is simple: Stimulate the outer edge area on the right foot, about halfway between the middle of the foot and the little to which is the reflex to the liver. The lumpier that spot feels in your hands, the more you need to massage out the toxic “congestion.”

4. Juice It Up

Put a potassium rich banana with some Vitamin C heavy fruits like oranges and strawberries in a blender and you have both a healthy, delicious breakfast and a perfect hangover remedy.

When you drink, your body starts to strip itself of important vitamins and minerals because alcohol acts as a diuretic. Fructose, or fruit juice, is also good because it increases the rate at which the body gets rid of toxins such as those left over from alcohol metabolism.

3. Electrolytes

Heavy drinking is akin to a hardcore sport, so it makes sense that you would need to take shots like Kobe to get to the top. Shots of sports drinks like Gatorade that is.

Electrolytes replenish the body of minerals and commit death-defying feats of complete body hydration. An even better, more natural electrolyte option? Coconut water. Yum.

2. Hair Of The Dog

For us, this sounds like the most disgusting idea ever. The last thing we want to do after over-drinking is more drinking. But for a lot of people, drinking a mimosa, a bloody mary, or breakfast beer immediately takes away many of the negative effects of being hungover.

The phrase “hair of the dog” came from Scotch-Irish folklore which said you should rub the hairs of the rabid beast that bit you into the wound.

Of course, it probably didn’t work unless the beast really wasn’t “rabid,” but the idea of drinking more after drinking has some merit. The drink is hydrating-ish, a bloody mary or mimosa has Vitamin C in the juice, and the little amount of booze takes away the pain of a headache.

1. Drinking Water

Part of the reason you are so hungover is because you are dehydrated. If you drank a glass of water in between every drink, you probably wouldn’t be in as much pain this morning as you are now.

Alcohol blocks hormones in your kidneys. The more you drinking dehydrating booze, the more dehydrated you get. While you feel all full and sloshy in your belly, bad things are happening in your liver.

When all is said and done, your best bet to not getting a hangover (and getting over your hangover) is drinking water. That’s it. No magic pill or cure. Just pure H2O.

  • What’s your favorite hangover cure? Let us know in the comments!

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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