Kids These Days: It’s The New Calorie Free Trend To Smoke Your Booze

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Screenshot courtesy of Youtube

Screenshot courtesy of Youtube

Don’t try this at home. If you’ve been P90x’ing and eating gluten-free but still can’t lose those last five to ten pounds, maybe it’s your Friday through Sunday alcohol habit keeping you down.

You can choose to just be pleasantly plump and enjoy your life, or you can engage in the incredibly dangerous but totally calorie free practice of smoking your booze.

College kids have perfected the art of killing brain cells one completely idiotic activity at a time and now the new trend is to mix alcohol with dry ice to create an alcohol vapor which they can smoke.

Just like when you smoke anything, the rush of the alcohol goes straight to your bloodstream and brain. It also send poison to your lungs. And you might die. Just a fair warning. Just like inhaling a condom.

Watch this bro below use a bicycle pump to inhale alcohol. Including an expensive bottle of Veuve.

Because that’s the smartest way to enjoy a bottle of champagne?

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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