The I.O.C. Takes Their Foot Off The Brakes And (Potentially) Adds A New Sport To The 2020 Olympics

The Olympics, the most regal of competitive sporting events, may potentially be adding a new sport to the 2020 Olympics, reports As of right now, the International Olympic Committee, or I.O.C., will choose between baseball/softball, squash, and wrestling.

Now we’re not sure if they mean fake wrestling, you know, the kind you were forced to participate in during gym class, or real wrestling, which you can watch below.

Among the list of sports that were once up for consideration were: wushu, wakeboarding, roller sports, karate and sport climbing.

And to that we say, “NO NASCAR? WHAT THE HELL OLYMPICS?”

Seriously, squash over NASCAR? Get with program.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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