Get Over The Hump Day Hump: Watch This Puppy Headbang

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Screenshot courtesy Youtube

Screenshot courtesy Youtube

You’re hardcore, dawg. Probably just like his mommy and most of humankind, this boxer puppy likes to spend the latter-portion of his lazy day at the beach sippin’ on some cervezas and wrestling with a sour lime.

Afterwards, he throws on some Pantera and starts headbanging. If he had opposable thumbs, he’d throw up those devil horns.

To those yelling “citrus is toxic to dogs. That’s not funny. Take that woman to a shed in the middle of nowhere and leave her there,” we guarantee you that nine of ten dog owners have no clue that dogs can’t eat citrus. We didn’t even know that until we found this video because most dogs turn their wet noses up at the stuff. It’s a puppy. He’s alive still and, you know, puppies like to do bad things. Now we all know. NO CITRUS.

But it’s still freakin’ cute if you dub some metal over it. Try the accompanying video underneath. :)

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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