Led Zeppelin Bassist Talks Possible 2014 Reunion

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Screenshot courtesy of Youtube

Screenshot courtesy of Youtube

Multiple rumors have circulated the media about Led Zeppelin possibly reuniting. There’s that whole business about how half of the band, including bassist John Paul Jones, wanted to continue after their reunion show in 2007 and how Robert Plant was “busy.” To get back at them Plant called his musical cohorts Capricorns, which basically means they are uncommunicative earth signs, possibly the most boring of the zodiac.

The reunion would cost (and glean) millions of dollars beyond human imagination. But those rumors might have been put to rest after Jones said in a recent video interview that his “2014 is full of opera.”

The musician is currently working on a Philip Glass opera called The Perfect American. At the London after-party, Jones confided that he’s writing his own opera based on “The Ghost Sonata” by August Strindberg.

“I’m halfway through the first act.” The “sheer scale” of the opera is so huge that it seems Jones wouldn’t have time for anything else .”I’m probably about to find out what the challenges are.”

Even President Clinton failed to reunited Led Zeppelin for the astrologically-relevant (we’d think Plant would appreciate that) 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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