You May Able To Trade-In Your Old iPhone Soon

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Photo by David Becker//Getty Images

Photo by David Becker//Getty Images

Do you have the world’s longest cellphone contract ever and all you want is an iPhone 5 instead of your janky iPhone 4/4s? You know you’ve been holding onto that thing for two years–after about a year, technology becomes so irrelevant. You just want to play Words with Friends without that millisecond lag like the rest of your supercool friends.

Well, now Apple is giving you the solution to your #firstworldproblems. According to Bloomberg News (via the SFist), Apple will be starting an iPhone trade-in program so you can upgrade to a better phone whilst getting money back to apply to said phone.

How does his help Apple? Well, they are on a mission to get everyone lugging an iPhone around and for those out there with a less supple budget than the average kind of middle class Angeleno, they may be able to afford a refurbished model.

Welcome to the freakin’ future, guys.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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