You Can Buy A 9 Patty Burger Called The ‘T-Rex’ At Canadian Wendy’s

Everybody these days is about doing Crossfit and going into #beastmode. Every meal needs like four servings of protein otherwise your whole entire body will atrophy apparently. And everything is about the bigger the better! It’s the American way! Or rather, judging from this Brandon, Canada Wendy’s, it’s the North American way.

The Manitoba province fast food restaurant debuted a nine patty burger the call the “T-Rex.” It’s definitely not a dollar menu item. The massive burger comes in at $21.99 and is definitely a Man Vs. Food kind of feat…or something you should be sharing with at least three of your friends.

The burger game about when an allegedly fictional ad featuring the burger in a Sports Illustrated (meat and babes, can’t go wrong) was made into reality by customers demanding it from the Brandon-area Wendy’s.

And then a true beast, albeit a delicious one was born.

Check out the amazing/grotesque picture here!

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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