Tuesday’s One Hit Wonder Song Of The Day: Mr. Mister ‘Broken Wings’

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Today’s One Hit Wonder is…”Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister. So, first off, Mr. Mister isn’t exactly a One Hit Wonder. They had a slew of other hits like Kyrie, and… uh… okay, so maybe that was it. But, Mister Mister rules and stuff, so if this is what it takes to get them played on Jack FM, so be it.

Did you know that Mr. Mister got their doctorate in 1997, and now you have to call them Dr. Mister? Okay, so that’s a total lie, but Mr. Mister DID tour with The Eurhythmics, The Bangles, Tina Turner and Adam Ant. So yeah, that’s impressive and stuff.

Tune in tomorrow for another One Hit Wonder. Does it have something to do with The Ultimate Warrior?

-John Salwin, 93.1 JACK FM/Los Angeles

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