Morrissey’s Hollywood High School Performance Might Become Imax Movie

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Photo by Kevin Winter//Getty Images

Photo by Kevin Winter//Getty Images

After much debacle over veganizing the Staples Center and not performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! because he’d have to share the stage with the class-act’s known as the Duck Dynasty guys, moody Morrissey is still giving his fans something they can chew on.

Spin is reporting that Moz will release his Hollywood High School performance from March 2nd as a mega movie that will go to IMAX 3D screens in about 47 theatres throughout the United States.

Morrissey’s newphew Sam Esty Rayner apparently wrote on his Facebook wall: “So the film of the Morrissey show at The Hollywood High School will be shown at 47 cinema across the United States of America, you lucky bastards. Available in IMAX 3D.”

It’s hard to hold any stock in anything Moz-related these days because his unfortunate health issues have held him back from a lot of things promised. However, releasing this could be a good way to make up for that.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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