Woman Who Thinks She’s Buying Two iPhones Actually Buys Two Apples. It’s Exactly What You Think

A woman from the land down under had the wool pulled over her eyes to the tune of $1200 big ones.

The 21 year old Australian woman, who for obvious reasons was not identified, had recently posted an ad online asking if anyone had an iPhone for sale, reports Yahoo.com. She got a response from a woman who said she could sell her two.

They met, exchanged money and two “iPhone boxes that looked new,” and were on their way.

Unfortunately, the 21 year old did not immediately check the contents of the boxes. Instead, she waited until she got home. And when she finally did open the boxes, she found fruit rather than phones inside.

Shockingly, reaction on the internet has been less than kind.  Andrew Perrott from the Independent wrote, “The sheer stupidity of some people defies belief.”

Another kind hearted person offered to sell her “an Xbox box.” (see what they did there?)

The moral of the story, look before you buy. We hope the apples were at least tasty.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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