Mumford & Sons’ Hilarious Video For ‘Hopeless Wanderer’

Mumford & Sons don’t take themselves as seriously as one would deem from their emotional lyrics and the recently showcased their infamous tongue-in-cheek humor for their “Hopeless Wanderer” video.

It starts off innocently, with who we presume are the folk rockers playing in a sunny field. But after a poignant verse, the audience is treated to the rag-tag sight of comedians Jason Sudekis, Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, and Will Forte playing each member of the band. While they play up to folk clichés throughout the video, “Hopeless Wanderer” is weirdly amazing.

Just imagine an erotically-tinged fusion of Christopher Guest’s A Mighty Wind, the Coen Brothers’ Oh Brother, Where Are Thou?, and strangely, Magic Mike.

Recovering from bassist Ted Dwane’s blood-clot scare, Mumford and Sons played Lollapalooza this weekend. In an interview with, Dawne attested “all is well. ”

“He was a brave little bunny,” frontman Marcus Mumford added. “He played to over 100,000 people that week with that thing in his head. Badass.”

–Nadia Noir, KROQ


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