Californians Are The Country’s Biggest Binge Drinkers

Woohoo! Congratulations California! We win. Apparently, Californians are the biggest binge drinkers in the country. Some other states might drunk every single day or pace themselves, whatever, but we like to chug as much booze as possible and stumble home after our super early last call.

LAist reports that the CDC is saying Californians love to binge drink. Binge drinking is when a woman drinks more than four drinks in one sitting and a dude drinks more than five drinks in a sitting. Wait, isn’t that an average Tuesday?

“Excessive alcohol use has devastating impacts on individuals, families, communities, and the economy,” said Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Tom Frieden.

It also costs the state lots of money.

Well, sorry about that, but those lines outside of trendy Hollywood bars tell us that isn’t changing anytime soon.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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