The 10 Most Disturbing ‘Saved by the Bell’ Episodes

Can you believe Saved by the Bell came out 24 years ago today? These episodes didn’t seem so weird then, but they do now.

by Rob Fee

If you were like me, you grew up on the fantastically cheesy teen sitcom Saved by the Bell. While some episodes like the Johnny Dakota, anti-drug show encouraged young viewers to avoid narcotics even if everyone else is doing it, other episodes were just downright bizarre.

Screech’s Woman

I’m sure this one started out as a nice gesture, but it got weird very quickly. What happens is that Zack decides Screech needs a girlfriend because he’s been working on their science project so much. On top of that, Lisa has been even more mean to Screech leaving him down and depressed. Zack tries to get him a date but when no one is interested he does the only logical thing; he dresses up like Reba McEntire and goes out with Screech. Why was this even an option? That’s not even the weirdest part of the episode.

Later, Zack is in the boys bathroom pretending to be “Bambi” on the phone with Screech. Little does he know Mr. Belding is pooping and thinks Bambi is talking to him. Why would a girl wander into the bathroom and confess her love to the principal while he’s on the toilet?

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