10 Creepy, Kooky & Campy Films For Halloween

While some people use Halloween to glory in guts and gore, others are more into Halloween to release their glamorous, campy inner sexpot freak. There’s no better time to lace up some high-heeled dominatrix boots, rip some fishnets, and prance around in your panties no matter your gender. Because, if you’re afraid to let that side out the rest of the year, no one is going to judge you come October. It’s a costume, right?

For those that like to revel in a little campy fun this time of the year, we’ve made a list of our favorite creepy, kooky, campy films to keep you red-hot and titillated as the nights, hopefully, start to cool down.

Don’t forget to slather on some red lipstick and wear something with sequins. It makes all the difference in the viewing experience.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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