Are Selfies Really Works Of Art? One London Gallery Thinks So

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(Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for DC Entertainment)

(Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for DC Entertainment)

Selfies. We’ve all seen them. We’re all guilty of taking them. Most would agree that selfies are typically nothing more than annoying, vain, default Facebook images.

But  to Moving Image, selfies are more than just the harmless narcissistic musings of someone with a camera phone. No, to Moving Image, selfies are art, because to them, “The #selfie is as omnipresent as the smartphone and as diverse as humanity itself.”


Moving Images will be presenting the National #Selfie Portrait Gallery in London. The exhibition will feature a series of short selfie videos of 17 artists from the U.S. and Europe that will rotate every 30 seconds. The videos will be on sale for only $500 in editions of five for the duration of the exhibit. What a bargain.

And for anyone who wants to contribute to the decline of humanity discussion and ravage more than just your friends news feeds, you can take your own selfie on Vine or Instargram and tag #NationalSelfiePortraitGallery.

What do you think: art or not art?

- Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio

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