How To Dress Like Slash For Halloween

Want to shred guitar like Slash from Guns N’ Roses? Well, we can’t help you there. But you can definitely look like him for Halloween. Here’s everything you’ll need to take everyone down to Paradise City as Slash this Halloween.

1. The Hat and The Hair

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The standard rock star hats found at Halloween stores tend to be modeled almost exactly after Slash’s signature hat. Pair that, or just a regular old top hat, with a long, black, curly wig. There’s even a Slash wig and hat combothat would work perfectly.

2. Leather and Denim

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Any kind of leather/denim combination works fine for Slash, as long as you have the tough biker look going. Toss in a silver chain or two.

3. Sunglasses…

51441197 How To Dress Like Slash For Halloween

Slash’s eyes are seldom seen in public. He almost always has big, dark sunglasses covering them, and so should you at your Halloween party.

4. …And Cigarette

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A cigarette is optional for just about any rock star costume. For Slash, however, it’s mandatory at all times.

5. Badass Boots

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It can be like those boots above, or combat boots, or anything of that nature as long as it answers “yes” to the question, “Would Slash wear these?”

6. Guitar

51319598 How To Dress Like Slash For Halloween

You obviously don’t need to walk around with a real guitar all day. A fake inflatable guitar would work fine, but if you’re going for accuracy and totally committing, you’ll need a Gibson Les Paul (try it in sunburst).

— Matt Dolloff, 100.7 WZLX; all photos by Getty Images


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