LAPD’s Scrooging The City With $250 Jaywalking Tickets This Holiday Season

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Merry Christmas and ho-ho-hold up. Jaywalking Santa Claus’ better watch out because instead of going on a naughty or nice list, Angelenos who are just trying to cross the street in the wrong spot couldn’t get ticketed a whopping $250.

LAPD have plans to ravage the Downtown area with this high-priced tickets. In Los Angeles, Jaywalking consists of walking across a street against a red light, even if the its just the red hand light flashing for people walking to “hurry.”

According to LAist, the LAPD posted on their Facebook that we  “may see increased enforcement during the holiday season to ensure pedestrian safety and smooth traffic flow!”

Way to Scrooge us over, Los Angeles.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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