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Woman Checking Facebook On Her Phone Takes A Long Walk Off A Short Pier

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(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Hey you, reading this article on your cellphone. Do us a favor and look up for a second. Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s called the real world, and it’s the one place a tourist in Australia should have really been visiting instead of  checking her Facebook.

The unnamed woman, who was visiting Melbourne, Australia, had to be rescued by the police after she literally walked off a pier, the Huffington Post reports, and Facebook, it appears, is to blame. She was so engrossed browsing on her phone that she failed to notice that last step and plummeted off the pier and into the cold nighttime water. The woman also didn’t know how to swim, which made the situation all the more serious.

Rescuers found her floating on her back still clutching to the phone that nearly caused her demise. She was taken to a hospital and later released. No word on whether the phone survived the incident. Also no word on what country she’s from, but if you ask us, this sounds pretty Florida-ish.

- Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio

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