JACK’s Gift To You This New Year’s Eve: Another Way Drinking Can Save Your Life

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As you step out into the streets tonight for the last time in 2013, we thought we’d give you another reason to toast other than to welcome in the new year.

Researchers at the Oregon Health & Science University found that moderate alcohol consumption actually boosts your immune system, allowing you to better fight off infections, and ultimately, reduce your risk of dying. In fact, it was found that people who drink alcohol are “healthier and have better cardiovascular function that those who don’t drink alcohol at all.”

The study was conducted on rhesus monkeys, which have a similar immune system as ours. They were broken up into two groups, those that drank and those that didn’t. The monkeys were then vaccinated against small pox at the start of the experiment and again at seven months in. The total length of the study was 14 months, at which point the monkey’s responses to the vaccine were measured.

The big reveal: monkeys that drank in moderation (average BAC of .02 – .04 percent) responded better to the vaccine than monkeys that didn’t drink at all. The flip side, however, is that monkeys that did some serious boozing (average BAC above .08) fared far worse than both moderate drinking and non drinking monkeys.

The moral of the story? Moderate drinking is good for your health, while heavy drinking is bad, very bad.

So tonight, welcome 2014 in the healthiest way possible by having a drink in drink in your hand and friends at your side. Just make sure you don’t go overboard.

- Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio

Source: EurekaAlert.org

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