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Sriracha Will Start Shipping Again At End of Month

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(Photo by Robyn Beck//Getty Images)

(Photo by Robyn Beck//Getty Images)

By Nadia Noir

Things you can do with sriracha:

-Make your New Year’s Resolution egg-white omlettes actually taste like something worthwhile.
-Use it as a make-shift pepper spray for home intruders
-Dump it in some cheap beer and make a “Bloody Lazy Mary”

If the #srirachapocolypse make all those things seem like pipe dreams, you can breathe a sigh of fiery relief: the popular hot sauce will be shipping again at the end of the month after a California Department of Public Health no-shipping mandate.

What happened was, people were all up in arms about the pepper-filled fumes around the plant, so they had to go on a hiatus for a month to make sure it’s “free of harmful microorganisms.”

Luckily, we can sip tiny spoonfuls of sriracha in bed, in peace. Don’t judge. It’s a great cleanser.

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