800 Students Down 5000 Jagerbombs Making For A Night They’ll Never Remember

By Carlos Delgado

The challenge: set a record for the number of Jagerbombs consumed in one night. It was up to 800 students in Canterbury, England to beat the previous record of 3024 Jagerbombs set in 2010, according to the Metro.

4,764 Jagerbombs later, mission accomplished.

In case you don’t remember your college days (and let’s face it, who does?), a Jagerbomb is a shot of Jagermeister mixed with Red Bull. Sounds like a potent mix? You bet.

But let’s put this accomplishment into perspective. 4,764 Jagerbombs translates into about an average of 6 Jagerbombs per person for a mind blowing total of 205 gallons of the combo. That’s 2,382 bottles of Jagermeister and 2,382 cans of Red Bull. All in one night. Ah college.


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