A Teenager Walked Into A 7-Eleven Wearing A Flower Pot On His Head And Holding A Chainsaw. And That’s Just The Beginning

By Carlos Delgado

So don’t be this guy. A teenager walked into a 7-Eleven near Sydney, Australia, wearing a flower pot on his head and brandishing a chainsaw. And that’s just the beginning. The flower pot was used as a helmet to conceal the identity of the teen, later identified as Steven Frank Steele, who was attempting to actually rob the store using the chainsaw.

Steele entered the 7-Eleven at 4:30 am, threatened store employees, demanded money, and damaged a window and several display racks, according to The Queensland Times.com. To top it off, he damaged a car parked outside as he was leaving.

His total take? A soda.

Now take a guess. Was Steele A. sober or B. drunk?

If you guessed drunk, you would be correct.

Steele was soon caught by police walking down the street. No word on whether he was still wearing the flower pot or holding the chainsaw. Take a look here for some priceless pictures of the incident.


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