Meanwhile In Southern California: Genius Kid Makes Braille Printer From Legos

By Nadia Noir

A California pre-teen is simultaneously making us super proud that such intelligence still exists and making us super paranoid that we’re basically idiots.

The Santa Clara 7th grader created a cheap Braille printer from LEGO set for his school science fair.

How does the ingenious invention work? You just type out a letter and it prints that letter out in braille.

Rather than patent the idea and make a profit, the altruistic Shubham Banerjee reworked his $350 Mindstorms LEGO robotics kit with some stuff from the hardware store and is calling the open-source idea “Braigo.” Which is also a really clever amalgamation of braille and LEGO, making us feel even more worthless.

Thankfully robots programmed by superkid geniuses aren’t replacing us soon or anything like that.

Oh wait.




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