Meanwhile In Southern California: Local Dude Trying To Open The First Cat Cafe In Los Angeles

by Nadia Noir

After the rise of cat cafe’s across the world¬† in places like South Korea or Tokyo, now everyone has cat scratch fever.¬† If it’s up to Los Angeles local, Carlos Wong, closet-case cat ladies around Southern California will have a place to come pet some pussies while having a drink, a pastry, or some delicious boba.

According to Wong’s Kickstarter campaign (which is looking for $350,000), Catfe not only has approval by the Los Angeles Health Department, they’re set on working with local shelters and making sure the cats have five-star treatment.

Why not? San Francisco is already planning one called KitTea.

Check out Wong’s Kickstarter campaign video below and if you feel like giving a dollar or two to be able to circumvent traffic with some stress-free cuddling, go to the page.


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