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#WTF: Old Spice Website Has Hair Playing Huey Lewis Songs

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(Photo by Doug Benc//Getty Images)

(Photo by Doug Benc//Getty Images)

By Nadia Noir

Normally, we share our #WTF’s for Wednesday but Old Spice outweirded JACK FM this morning, which we think is a first.

The man’s cosmetic company, most known for its swarthy-scents that supposedly send women into a tizzy, are marketing their hair pomade with a website dedicated to Huey Lewis and the “Power of Hair.”

The website shows a dude being stroked down by a babe, totally into his Old Spice-scented hair…and his hair’s miraculous ability to crawl off his head and play Huey Lewis songs on a tiny keyboard.

The site is totally interactive and you can request your favorite Huey Lewis song to be played.

Take a break from your cubicle monotony and burn some brain cells at

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