Fat, Crazy Oregon Cat Terrorizes Family, Reminds Us Of Our Wife

By Nadia Noir

An Oregon family had to barricade themselves inside of a room because they were terrorized by a 22lb cat. Next on today’s most pointless but hilarious news ever!

Named Lux (hopefully after Lux Interior from The Cramps) attacked a baby and prompted the baby’s family to call 911.

In a phone call to the dispatcher, a man on the phone said: “He’s trying to attack us. He’s very, very, very, very hostile.”

When the police showed up, the cat tried to “flee custody,” but sooner or later they got that fleabag into custody.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time the cat came back…and got himself into a cat fight.

“He’s got kind of a history of violence,” KTLA says the caller told a 911 dispatcher. “He’s kind of a violent cat already. But he’s really bad right now.”

Watch the cattiness above.


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