Meanwhile In Southern California: Angels Coach Don Baylor Breaks His Leg During First Pitch

By Nadia Noir

In one of those freak accidents that we wouldn’t wish on our biggest enemies, Angels hitting coach and former Angels baseball player, Don Baylor, threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Opening Day Angels game yesterday (March 31) and instead of ending up in celebration mode, fractured his left femur.

Vladimir Guerrero threw the ball at Baylor, the hitting coach’s leg buckle, and the coach had to be taken off the field. He’s undergoing surgery said a tweet.

This is Baylor’s first season as a hitting coach and although he’s had almost two decades of a hardcore playing career, Baylor’s decade long struggle after getting cancer of the bone marrow, or myeloma, might have been what weakened Baylor’s bones and contributed to the untimely injury.

Watch everything go down below.


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