Meanwhile In Southern California: Dudes Carjack At In-N-Out, Get Arrested

By Nadia Noir

What sort of pranks did you pull on April Fools? Most of us just did mundane things like switch keyboard letters, tell our boyfriends that we’re pregnant (April Fools!), or did absolutely nothing because were a) boring and/or b) too old for that dumb stuff. Sniffle.

But three San Bernardino dudes played an epic April Fools joke on their friend and then subsequently got arrested. What did they do? They carjacked their friend at an In-N-Out which led the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept. deputies¬† on a manhunt of the men–including a helicopter search.After said “friend” called 911 when he saw his car disappear, upwards of 12 patrol cars and a copter were dispatched.

“They divulged that it was an April Fools’ joke,” said a Hesperia Sheriff’s Station spokeswoman.¬†

Yeah, one that got them arrested and detained. We hope they at least made off with some double-doubles.




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