Patti Smith Has A New Song Called “Mercy Is” In Biblical Blockbuster ‘Noah’

By Nadia Noir

Because the night belongs to…Noah and his descendents. If you believe in the story of Noah and his ark at all, we are all descendents of the super-smart dude who was told to save the animals two-by-two and then build a giant boat to save them all.

According to that train of thought, we are all related and NYC alt-rock goddess, Patti Smith, is like our cousin 300 times removed. So,in an effort to support family, here’s Patti Smith’s epic new song from the Darren Aronofsky directed movie, Noah, which was released today.

Smith was dubbed due to grammatical error by Catholic Online as “Christian artist Patti Smith.”

“Maybe they had me confused with someone else,” said Smith to Classic Rock Magazine, “but I wouldn’t deny being Christian. I was raised a Christian, I follow the teachings of Christ. So, you know, I have no problem with that title.”


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