Man Gets Kicked In The Head By Train Conductor While Taking Selfie

By Nadia Noir

Sometimes, in order to understand how stupid something is, you just need to be hit over the head with the inanity. Which is what literally happened to a teenager named Jared Michael.


It’s not clear if this video is real or not, but we’d like to believe it is just based on how much we’d like to kick selfie-obsessed teenagers in the had.

The teenager apparently took a video in front of an oncoming train and the conductor thought it was so stupid to take such a picture that he screamed at him and kicked him in the head.

“Wow that guy just kicked me in the head!” Michael said with excitement. “I think I got that on film!”

Obviously more interested in how he was going to Vine the whole situation probably, not about his brush with possible death.

Watch above.


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