10 Songs From The ’80s Named After Girls

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Photo by Patrick Baz//Getty Images

Photo by Patrick Baz//Getty Images

Over the years, we’ve noticed a fair amount of righteous ’80s songs are named after chicks.

What’s with the ’80s and naming songs after women? Here’s just a smattering of all the femme-centric songs that came out at that time.


“I see your face at the movies, I hear your voice on the radio,” sings Steve Perry. Umm, we think you meant to sing Tami Heide. Who is this Suzanne chick anyway?


David Paich said this song is about “numerous girls” that he was acquainted with, but the name was stolen from Rosanna Arquette who was dating keyboard player Steve Porcaro.

“Billie Jean”-Michael Jackson

Apparently, the woman “Billie Jean” was based from was a Michael Jackson stalker who claimed that one of her babies was his. That might have been a lie, but she did get something out of her psychosis: a hit song.

“Janie’s Got A Gun”-Aerosmith

This chilling song is about a girl sexually abused by her father. Once she gets a gun, well, you can figure out what Janie wants to do with it.

“Jane Says”-Jane’s Addiction

According to Songfacts, Jane is a real-life young heroin addict that Perry Ferrell knew in Hollywood.

“Come On Eileen”-Dexy’s Midnight Runners

A song about young love (or lust), Eileen really knew how to rock a dress.

“Sister Christian”-Night Ranger

Written and sung by Night Ranger drummer Kelly Kaegy for his sister Christian, that song is about how his little sister was growing up so quickly.

“Gloria”-Laura Branigan

No one really definitively knows what this song means, but the tune–originally an Italian pop song–is obviously about a sad, sexual woman named “Gloria.” We’ve all been there, girl.

“Rio”-Duran Duran

Her name is Rio, but apparently the girl “Rio” in the song is actually a metaphor for America. The same America that would be shelling out wads of cash on this hit single. Good play, Duran Duran.

“Darling Nikki”-Prince

Darling Nikki wasn’t so “darling.” She was a highly-sexualized make-believe woman that titillated Prince enough to write a song about her. And send Tipper Gore into a frenzy when she heard her daughter listening to the track.

Did we miss any of your favorite ’80s tracks named after women? Were you named after an ’80s song? Let us know in the comments!

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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