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Watch This Amazing ’90s Alt-Rock Vocal Supercut

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Photo Credit: Maria Ives

Photo Credit: Maria Ives

By Nadia Noir

The ’90s are back in full force. Alien earrings and slacker music are the hot trending thing with teens these days, while we adults are digging out our dusty old Doc Martens that we knew would come back in style. The coolest thing that’s back is nostalgia on all the old ’90s jams that were popular back in the day. And while some it includes music that we wish we never remember existed, most of it is awesome.

To show how great ’90s music was, even without lyrics, someone made this ’90s Alt-Rock vocal supercut of only the vocal hooks of songs. Bands include Blur, Nirvana, the Lemonheads, Counting Crows, and Weezer.

You’ll be shocked how many of these you recognize and how they are essentially the whole point of the song. We know the ’90s was all about being slackers, but apparently singing actual words was too much work, too.

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