This Dude’s Worldwide Trip Wins For Most Epic Selfie

By Nadia Noir

In the most jealousy-inducing thing we’ve seen this year (or maybe ever), Alex Chacon of the Modern Motorcycles Diaries created an amazing montage of 360¬į selfies of different’ places around the world over a span on three years.

James Franco might think he wins selfies, but no one can compare their selfies to Chacon’s dynamic, colorful GoPro take of over thirty-six countries with over five motorcycles ridden, seventy-five borders (or more) crossed and traveling a distance of over 200,000+ Km.

Chacon has been to Mexico, all over the United States, select parts of Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and more.

Check out more of Chacon’s Instagrams here.



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