Steven Tyler Forgets The Words To Aerosmith’s “Crazy”

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Pablo Porciuncula/Getty Images

Pablo Porciuncula/Getty Images

By Nadia Noir

Rock stars. They’re just like us. If someone asks us what we did last weekend (probably nothing), we can’t remember. And we get lost going home the same way we always do.

So, while critics are knocking the fact that Steven Tyler screwed up the words to Aerosmith‘s classic “Crazy,” we’re totally feeling him on this.

The frontman took to the streets of Vilnius in Lithuania with an accordion player and a violinist and totally blanked on the lyrics for his song “Crazy.”

The  musicians kept on playing and Tyler just stood there smiling before he started screeching away to compensate. It’s a pretty interesting thing to watch, but not as bad as everyone thinks. It’s kind of…beautiful?

Maybe we like it better when superstars don’t get everything right, don’t care, and instead just stand there enjoying the fact that they can just stand there and do nothing and people will still watch.


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