Meanwhile In Southern California: There Is No Shark In Newport Beach

By Nadia Noir

There’s shark in them there waters. Or at least that’s what a sign off Newport Pier was reporting during the Great White Shark Hoax of 2014.

A photo spread of a “legit” looking Coast Guard flyer warning beach goers that a 15-18ft adult Great White shark was terror zing the seas along his portside “in an aggressive fashion.” The flyer warned these potential shark treats to keep out of the water  for the “next 48-72 hours,” which would essentially be Memorial Day weekend.

Here’s the thing: there is no shark.

The real deal Coast Guard went on Twitter and squashed any rumors that a) there is a shark and b) those flyers. Probably just someone trying to keep the beaches clear for themselves, or playing one great big practical joke on the public at large.


The irony is that somewhere in those waters, there probably is a shark. Waiting for you to soak away your holiday in its giant pot of shark stew.


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