Straight White Dudes Texting Is Today’s Best Tumblr

By Nadia Noir

This morning, we stumbled across a blog that should have been invented like the minute the internet was invented–or at least last year sometimes. It’s called Straight White Boys Texting and the blog is an example of comic genius primarily because these dudes are being so serious.

As cringe-worthy as the texts are, the actual existence of them is worth it for this TGIF LOL break.

One girl asks how a guy is doing and he starts talking about how big his man parts are (hint: too big for sex). One guy wrote “*turns into a wolf and snuggles your boobs*” which apparently turned a girl off. (Personally, we think that’s a great pick-up line). Another common thing is how “straight white dudes” like to play 20 questions. Is that true? Do dudes really play 20 questions as a way to get into a girl’s panties?

If you want to see what other kind of craziness “straight white dudes” like to text, check out the


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